Felmax Merchandise Announcement

Felmax Merchandise Announcement

"Felmax approached us to design his first merchandise offering that will release along side his "Cursed Speech" EP."

Daproxen™ is excited to announce that we will be hosting the Official Felmax Merchandise on the Daproxen™ Webstore. We've been fans of Felmax's music and Felmax has been wearing Daproxen™. You may have previously seen Felmax's sets shared to our Instagram Stories or photos of Felmax wearing our "Nightmares Hoodie."

Felmax approached us to design his first merchandise offering that will release along side his "Cursed Speech" EP. Felmax is a anime fan, as we saw from our visit to his anime decorated California studio, and wanted to share more of this side of his personality that fans don't often see.

The Official Felmax Merchandise will be available for pre-order Monday 3/6. The Official Felmax Merchandise is made by Daproxen™ and will be exclusively sold on Daproxen.com.

Learn more about Felmax.

Official Felmax Merchandise

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