Who is Dela?

Who is Dela?

Dela is the Daproxen™ brand mascot. Dela is short for Suadela (SWAADEHLAH). Suadela is the mythological Roman goddess of persuasion. Dela is a Daproxen™ Contemporary Psychedelic-Grunge interpretation of Suadela. 

Dela is used in Daproxen™ designs as a symbol of the subconscious mind. She is intended to prompt introspection and an internal conversation about ourselves. Dela is often incorporated ironically into designs, appearing to seduce us into repeating self-sabotaging behavior to help us see those behaviors with clarity.

*The unconscious mind includes all of the things outside of our awareness—all of the wishes, desires, hopes, urges, and memories that lie outside of awareness yet continue to influence behavior.

First appearance: Toxic World Collection (2019) 

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